Pick your Planéte

Discover your “Planète” and have the most FUN ever in French!

Planète Française is packed with exciting activities, games and crafts in the arts, sciences and sports. Each week will include Special Guests who are top in their profession from athletes to artists. Campers will go on outdoor adventures to parks, pools/splash pads and the beach. The final day of camp will always end on a high note with celebrations and keepsakes for awesome summer memories.


Planètes, Dates, Times and Price

NO matter the week or theme, afternoon trips to pools and splash pads to cool from the summer heat is always included!


We are moving and grooving with plenty of creative, mental and physical activities to SHAKE THINGS UP!  Master your dances moves, problem-solving through fun mind bending activities, compete in friendly Sport games and enjoy obstacle course competitions.


Explore the Canadian landscape and discover amazing animals big and small.   Earn your PF ANIMAL-ECO badge through daily outdoor treks, games, quizzes and tasks.   Compete in friendly eco-games as teams are divided into endangered animal categories with special prizes for different levels of achievement.

POP ART – July 24th-28th

Do you like Minecraft, Emoji, ROBLOX, Star Wars, Lego, My Little Pony or other popular and culturally interesting art forms?  Well, if you said yes, please join us as we create take-home works from video game story boards to mix media art of your favorites.  It will the next best thing to playing or watch videos and tv.  Plus with daily  outdoor art walks, sidewalk art and other games, you will find a plethora of artistic inspiration.


Grab your aprons for this decadent but oh so healthy RAW FOOD DESSERT creations week.  Make and taste yummy and healthy desserts from recipes you can try at home.  Visit farmer markets, community gardens, healthy grocers and enjoy meeting an award winning Executive Chef at Top-rated Toronto restaurant!!  Space is limited*.

EVERYTHING – Aug 8-11th

4 days with 3 unique themes covering the best from the previous weeks plus one big BEACH party on the final day. Fun in the sun!


We are ending our summer season with how we began!  A fun, high energy week with the summer’s greatest hits to helps us move and groove!  Sport modules set up to develop both hand and foot work and helpful for excelling in our friendly Sport games.  Brain teaser skills and games for loads of indoor and outdoor fun.  Ending the week with a big final day Celebration. 

CAMP TIME: 9am-4pm

EXTENDED CARE TIMES: 8am-9am, 4pm-5pm

5 day Full AM & PM – $70          5 day AM – $35              5 day PM – $45
(includes a healthy drink and small snack in after-camp  care- 4pm-5pm)

4 day Full AM&PM – $56            4 day AM – $28              4 day PM – $38
(includes a healthy drink and small snack in after-camp care)

PRICES:   $270/5 day camps • $229/4 day camp

Inclusions: Art supplies, Afternoon organic snacks, Extended afternoon drink, Special treats, Special guests visits/events, Outdoor excursions and Camp memorabilia

Exclusions:  HST,  Extended Care, After-Camp Reading Club, Camp Discounts, Morning snack and Lunch and Extra-transportation costs – if applicable

After-Camp Reading Club

Unique to “PF” is the opportunity for Campers of all ages and levels to celebrate the joys and benefits of reading!  Each Camper will be assessed during a two-day after camp program operating every Wednesday and Thursday throughout the summer Camp period.  Campers will have both individual and group attention while they work on reading skills based on a FUN collection of innovative and curriculum based short stories, poems and/or books. Campers will begin this program at the half-way mark of camp in order to build their confidence and comfort in their camp environment.  The Reading Club is a 2-day consecutive program focussed on practicing and building their literacy. They will not be graded but verbal progress will be provided after each session along with recommendations and useful take-home tips.

After-Camp Reading Club (ACRC):  $30

Note:  If a camper is registered in Extended Care:  Full week AM/PM,  ACRC is only an additional $14 per week &  Extended Care PM only an additional $12 per week
Inclusions:  Healthy drink and small snack

Group Classifications and Ratios

At the beginning of every camp week, Planète Française Camp Counsellors will group campers according to the information provided on the application and their age. Children over 6 years old will be grouped 10:1 Counsellor. Ages 4 1/2 -6 years will be grouped 8:1 Counsellor.  A Camp Director, Junior Counsellors and volunteers will be on site.

Camp programs are classified in groups A-E. Please indicate on your application form where you believe your child is best suited for fun learning in a French-based camp.
Groups A-E*
• GROUP A “Les Petites Etoiles”
AGES: 4 1/2 – 6 -> No – Limited French exposure.
• GROUP B “Les Fleurs Sauvages”
AGES: 6-8 -> French-Immersion exposure/enrolled in a French-Immersion program.
• GROUP C “Les Grand Papillons”
AGES: 9-11 -> French/French-Immersion.
• GROUP D “Les Nouveaux Explorateurs”
AGES: 4 1/2 – 8/9-11 -> Learning French/Entering Extended or Core French
• GROUP E “Les Explorateurs Actifs”
AGES: 4 1/2 – 8/9-11 -> Proficient in the French language/enrolled in a French School

**At Planète Française we do not limit enrollment to French Immersion students. Any student aged 4 1/2 – 11 who wishes to learn French or is French-speaking and wishing to enjoy a summer camp with French speaking Counsellors, is welcomed and will be grouped by age and skill. Please indicate if your child fits this description on your application.