Health & Safety

Health & Safety

At PLANETE FRANCAIS, we love summer!  We really want all campers to be healthy, happy and safe so that they can enjoy the full benefits of our summer camp programs.  We kindly ask that you review the following IMPORTANT information prior to camp registration.  Prior to attending the first day of camp all parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must print and provide a copy of the Health & Safety form (available on this page or in our forms tab).   All parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must print and provide a signed copy on the first day of camp. Thank you.

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Dress for an active day of movement in warm temperatures and at times messy activities.  Dress for the weather.  Pack an extra set of clothes in your backpack.  PLUS, on Thursdays/Fridays, we are going out to explore the neighbourhood – so please pack a sun hat, swimming suit and towel (in a reusable bag within your backpack) should we decide to go to a local splash pad and/or beach.   And yes, DO LABEL your belongings.


In addition to attire, it is very important to always apply sunscreen prior to camp and include sunscreen in backpacks. Campers will be asked/assisted to re-apply sunscreen prior to an outdoor activity and after getting wet.  We will always aim to conduct all outdoor exercises in shade to avoid heat exposure.  We will modify all activities on Extreme Heat days.


Please include a bottle filled with water at the start of camp.  We will refill them throughout the day and make extra sure all campers are hydrated around movement activities, outdoors and during extreme heat days.

Food & Beverages

Ah yes, the YUM part.  We are going to provide a healthy, local/organic snack to campers in the afternoon and to campers staying in our After-Camp Lemonade Club.  We will provide a list of snacks on the first day of camp.  Should your child wish not to participate in any/some snacks, please let us know and do provide a snack for them.  On your application form, list any/all allergies, including food.  As well, we will be providing a tasty low-sugar fruit-based drink along with a snack in the after camp program.  Please advise us at the start of a camp session, should you not wish to have your child participate in this “drink” portion of the snack.

Litterless Lunch and Snacks

We are teaching environmental stewardship to our campers.  We request that lunches, snacks and beverages minimize garbage.  We kindly request that you include the following reusable supply in your child’s backpack every day in addition to their snack and lunch containers:

  • spoon and fork
  • small plate
  • drink bottle
  • cup (only for after-camp program)

hS_formClick here to download the Health & Safety form (Signature required for the first day of camp)