Group Classifications

At the beginning of every camp week, Planète Française Camp Counsellors will group campers according to the information provided on the application and their age. Children over 6 years old will be grouped 10:1 Counsellor. Ages 4 1/2-6 years will be grouped 8:1 Counsellor. We will also have a Camp Director and Junior Counsellors on site and helping out.

Camp programs are classified in groups A-E. Please indicate on your application form where you believe your child is best suited for fun learning in a French-based camp.
Groups A-E*
• GROUP A “Les Petites Etoiles”
AGES: 4 1/2-6 -> No – Limited French exposure.
• GROUP B “Les Fleurs Sauvages”
AGES: 6-8 -> French-Immersion exposure/enrolled in a French-Immersion program.
• GROUP C “Les Grand Papillons”
AGES: 9-11 -> French/French-Immersion.
• GROUP D “Les Nouveaux Explorateurs”
AGES: 4 1/2-8/9-11 -> Learning French or Entering or in Core French
• GROUP E “Les Explorateurs Actifs”
AGES: 4 1/2-8/9-11 -> Proficient in the French language/enrolled in a French School

**At Planète Française we do not limit enrollment to French Immersion students. Any student aged 4 1/2-11 who wishes to learn French or is French-speaking and wishing to enjoy a summer camp with French speaking Counsellors, is welcomed and will be grouped by age and skill. Please indicate if your child fits this description on your application.