About Us

About Us

Our team is passionate about teaching, the environment, healthy food and creating long-lasting memories.


I am mother of two elementary-aged daughters enrolled in the TDSB early French-immersion program.  Learning French has been a joy as much as it has been a challenge for them and for us as a family.  Summer breaks are literal “breaks” from an exclusively French-learning environment and with far and few chances to speak and practice French.  I have heard through many teachers, including our Summer Director of Camp Programs, Doris Isles, that students struggle at the start of the year. They return to school at lower proficiency levels from where they left prior to the summer break and do not meet the requirements of a new curriculum.  I can relate to these students. I have a French BA from the Laval University, Quebec and I do know that my competence in French suffers when I don’t use it.  As a parent, I work alongside my daughters to build their confidence in French.  However, there are limitations to my help.  My daughters really love me but prefer to learn the bulk of their French with their teachers and peers over me.

During the winter, I provide positive and impactful programs to college and universities across North America.  With this experience and background along with motherhood, I sought to create a Fun French-immersion summer camp that is safe, affordable, inclusive and convenient. I want all communities and families to afford to participate in a quality learning camp and promise to support and welcome them through our “Every kid to Camp” program. Please reach out to me for more information – wanda@planetefrancaise.ca

To ensure that the French experience at camp was top quality, I searched, found and convinced a very talented teacher to consult and join our summer camp team.  Please read about Doris Isles and the great summer Camp Counsellors who will be joining us.

One final thing, I have always practiced sustainability in both my personal and professional life, up to and included where I founded the Edible School yard garden at my local school and where I oversee a seasonal, organic and wild fine food brand.  There is growing evidence – and my children are my personal examples that “eating healthy foods create a healthy learning environment”.  Planète Française is a summer camp where my children and your children can experience flavourable local-seasonal-organic food while they are learning about the environment and doing all that fun stuff at camp the kids do, every day and all summer long.

I welcome you and your children to have a great summer with us at Planète Française.

Thank you.


Wanda Srdoc, Hons. BA
Camp Director



I arrived to Canada from Dijon, France in 1986.  I have taught French-Immersion at the TDSB for over 10 years.  In 1987, I transferred to the Toronto French Board (Conseil scolaire Viamonde) and currently teach elementary age students as well as adults learning French as a second Language (l’ALF –Actualisation du français).  I am also the acting Principal at my school – École élémentaire Gabrielle-Roy.     I have been working in education for over 27 years.

I have my BA and Masters in Linguistics and a BA in English.

My first priority is the welfare of children.  I am passionate about education and improving the lives of children.  I continually update my skills and personal development by participating in a number of conferences and international seminars.

I look forward to working with your children this summer at Planète Française.


Doris Isles, BA, MA
Education Consultant and Summer Director

Camp Counsellors

Hello and Bonjour!

We are a team of students and recent graduates of teachers college, university and high school dedicated to studying in and teaching French to elementary level children.  We have qualifications in First Aid and C.P.R., background check and experience with children.   Individually, we have skills and experience in the Arts, Sciences and Athletics.  We hope to inspire children to believe in themselves and be the best that they can be in French.  We hope to make a safe camp environment pleasing and entertaining.  We look forward to meeting you on the first day of camp at Planète Française.

For any and all inquiries now and during weekly camp programs, please contact us directly at wanda@planetefrancaise.ca ∘ FAX #: 416.686.1947

Planète Française is a great place to enjoy the summer!  Based on over 30 years of teaching experience in both English and French elementary schools, we have taken time, effort and experience to develop innovative learning programs within a fun camp structure.