2016 Planète Française Monthly #4 – June


Welcome to the PF Summer Camp Blog where you will find the latest and greatest monthly updates until the start of 2016 camp season. June’s sunny days bring back the fondest memories of PF camp. Juicy organic watermelon for mouth-watering afternoon snack time, giggles following cannon balls at the pool, little hands and feet tapping to a favorite French pop song, eyes light up with joy from seeing interesting special guests, high fives all around after super fun obstacle courses, pride in silent smiles from completing an after camp reading program, artists all around crafting take-home masterpieces, open hearts and minds to meeting and making new friends, hugs all around from Counsellors who really care, guidance from a Camp Director who is always the mom away from home and awesome-amazing Campers who make Planète Française a spectacular place to be! Whether a beginner or advanced learner, you will discover that Planète Française is an extraordinary camp. Each day of every week has well thought out, action-packed and fun-filled curriculum based French learning. I am thrilled to have a super charged, talented and passionate team of Counsellor, Volunteers and Special Guests for this 2016 Camp season. I am honoured to have so many returning campers. I am grateful to new campers and parents for entrusting us to be their fun French-Immersion destination. Registration is still open with spaces available. PF Camp runs for 6 consecutive weeks starting July 11th. Let the summer fun begin. Please visit -> www.planetefrancaise.ca! Mille Merci, Wanda Srdoc – Founder and Director


IT’s true! Planète Française is growing better each season because of input from you! FEEDBACK is always welcomed!

ENHANCEMENTS to French Literacy – Our Affordable After-Camp Reading Club now includes support for writing development.  We have a library full of options for every level and we encourage campers to bring their favorite books in as well.

NEW ENHANCEMENTS TO Celebrations PLANET –  Green-Food Planet (Aug 8-12) is NOW FULL.  Due to the popularity of this raw food cooking week, there will be a modified dessert program within our Celebration Planet (July 18-22) at the Earl Haig Jr. P.S. Campus.  This enhancement will include some great special guests and healthy but seriously delicious dessert making to coincide to daily celebrations.

Register now for all sessions and get the benefits of multi-camp and multi-sibling discounts.  Each registered camper will receive a take-home draw-string Planète Française BAG – Perfect for taking along when we explore the local beaches, pools and parks.  All afternoon and after camp snacks are on us!  This is PF’s Tasty-Local-Green Initiative to inspire campers to sprinkle a little green on their plates beyond summer camp and throughout the year. PLUS – We have Special Guests every week from the great pool of talented local artists, athletes and professionals from all fields.

JOIN US THIS SUMMER 2016 and Discover your Planets!

Sport and Dance 1 – July 11-15
Celebration – July 18-22
Animal – July 25-29
Everything – Aug 2-5
Green-Food –  Aug 8-12
Sport and Dance 2 -Aug 15-19


iStock_000007002785SmallSPECIAL GUESTS deserve special thanks – Our thanks go out to the LOCAL community who support Planète Française.  This month, a super big thank you to the multi-talented Registered Dietician, Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador and Founder of the Yummy Lunch Club -> Carol Harrison.

We are truly honoured and fortunate to have Carol’s experience and creativity at both our Celebration and Green-Food Planets.  She is passionate about teaching kids of all ages practical food preparatory skills along with healthy snacking and meals.  If she is not on Rogers TV, CBC Radio or at a local school teaching creative ways to make a delicious and nutritious meal, then she will be with us at Planète Française expertly guiding PF campers through various snack and dessert recipes which are sure to inspire a love for healthy cooking at home.  Please check out

www.yummylunchclub.ca for helpful tips on preparing lunches for summer camps.  Parents are also welcome to email Carol Harrison with their lunch time challenges/questions.

Carol Harrison -> eatright1@gmail.com


THE PF 2016 Summer Camp Season: JULY 11 – AUGUST 19.
Summer is FUN at www.planetefrancaise.ca

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