Welcome to Planète Française 2019!

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$20 off your total camps when you book multiple camp weeks.  Please email us to learn more.  Now isn’t that awesome!!!  C’est fantastique, n’est-ce pas! 

Please email the Camp Director at anytime should you have questions.  We are very happy to help you! Camp Director Email – wanda@planetefrancaise.ca 

L’inscription au Camp est maintenant ouverte pour la saison 2019. We welcome your family to ours!  


We are an innovative Eco-Food French-Immersion summer camp where campers will have FUN while learning FRENCH.  Discover and explore our fascinating planet through action-packed thematic programs which incorporate our practice of sustainability from the projects we do to the snacks we eat. From  Sports, Games, Dance, Animal Eco-Club, Pop Art to TOP CHEF-Party Prep, we are sure there is something for everyone! Each week is unique and will include several new and useful French words, phrases and expressions that Campers can try at home. Every week includes very special guests – stand out professionals from our great local community who will inspire campers to believe that anything is possible with determination and passion. 

Planète Française is designed to introduce, reinforce and develop language skills for children between the ages of 4 1/2 – 11 years old.  Our qualified French speaking Camp Counsellors are very creative (sneaky, in fact) at progressive teaching within a non-formal summer camp structure.  We understand it’s SUMMER!  We also believe that learning is individual.  Campers will have numerous opportunities, positive role-modeling and encouragement from Counsellors to speak, sing, read and write in French.

Girls in a park

PLUS!  Campers will experience the most YUM ever at Camp!

Planète Française is more than just a Fun-French-Immersion camp!  Integral to the program is our Sustainable and Healthy Learning philosophy:  Healthy Minds = Healthy Bodies = Healthy Planet.

Planète Française is an advocate of earth-friendly, organic, fresh and local food sources.  We incorporate a healthy food-prep program within many of our themed weeks to actively include campers in creating the easy, nutritious and tasty snacks they will eat at camp and hopefully continue at home. Yummy and healthy snacks* will be included as part of weekly camp enrollment and provide each and every day.  In our extended camp care program called the “After-Camp Lemonade Club”, will be providing a refreshing beverage. We are so thankful for the generous and continued support from our main summer sponsors: ROWE FARMS and THE BIG CARROT.  Many healthy and local foods are discovered by campers with their support.  This is a highlight of most Camper’s Day!  The smiles are a sure indication that the After-noon Snack program is a success!

*allergies and restrictions will be noted, safe guarded and respected.

Location:  Safe, Convenient and Close to your neighbourhood!

Pending final address confirmation (May 2019)– Camps will be held somewhere on TDSB property in the East York region and will most likely be at the following:

Campus 1:
Toronto Danforth
Earl Haig Jr. P.S.
15 Earl Haig Ave.,
Toronto (just east of Coxwell Ave.)

Our GOALS at Planète Française are for every Camper to:

  • Gain knowledge
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Make Friends
  • Show kindness and respect
  • Have smiles on faces
  • Ingest goodness in their tummies
  • Be caring to the earth.

Register NOW in any or all of our “Planets”!  Summer Camp Programs begin July 15th and run weekly until Aug 16th.

*turning 5 by end of the calendar year